Jeff Morris for GSAC 2017

Jeff Morris Pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration Candidate Statement: Online graduate students are the unsung participants in an extremely challenging educational endeavor.  Many of the graduate students are hard working professionals.  We choose this route for a multitude of reasons.  For those reasons we sometimes are disconnected from campus life, thus missing out […]

Isaac Santiago Colmenero for GSAC 2017

Isaac Santiago Colmenero Pursuing a master’s degree in Geography Candidate Statement: I am interested in increasing minority enrollment, and strengthening retention in demographics that historically have lower graduation rates in undergraduate and graduate programs. I currently work as a full time staff member at Mentor Tech with 700+ undergraduate participants and 300+ mentors from TTU […]

Abies Carlo for GSAC 2017

Abies Carlo Pursuing a master’s degree in Strategic and Innovative Communication Candidate Statement: Strive for honor evermore. Those are the words I live by on a day to day basis. Within my family, job and academia I strive to lead by example and provide the best version of me so I can help lead others […]

Jamie Thomas for GSAC 2017

Jamie Thomas Pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education Candidate Statement: I am running for a representative seat to become more involved with the Graduate Student Advisory Council and the University. As a distance education student, this would allow me the opportunity to have a voice along with graduate students who attend on campus. Currently […]

Nicole “Nikki” Borrenpohl for GSAC 2017

Nicole Borrenpohl Pursuing a doctoral degree in Technical Communication and Rhetoric Candidate Statement: Nicole “Nikki” Borrenpohl is a second-year PhD student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric in the English Department. Nikki is a distance student living in Carbondale, IL. She is a proud and active member of the Doozies cohort. Her goals for this year […]

Jessica “Jessi” Ulmer for GSAC 2017

Jessica Ulmer Pursuing a doctoral degree in Technical Communication and Rhetoric Candidate Statement: Jessica “Jessi” Ulmer is a PhD student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric in the English Department and this is her first year in the program. A distance student located in Columbia, SC, Jessi also teaches at the two-year college in Columbia. Jessi […]

Wayne Edward Swink for GSAC 2017

Wayne Edward Swink Pursuing a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management Candidate Statement: Wayne Swink is a graduate student pursuing a Professional Science Master’s Degree in Natural Resource Management from the Biology Department and has been a graduate student at Texas Tech for less than a year. He is an active duty military member and […]

Andrea D. Forest for GSAC 2017

Andrea D. Forest Pursuing a master’s degree in Educational and Instructional Technology Candidate Statement: As a Distance Graduate student, I sometimes feel as if I am only taking classes and not fully experiencing everything that Texas Tech has to offer. While I try to participate in what I can from my home in San Antonio, […]

David Leroy Pointer for GSAC 2017

David Leroy Pointer Pursuing a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Candidate Statement: David Leroy Pointer III wants to be your voice in the GSAC community. He is a second year graduate student of the Interdisciplinary Studies program where his thesis is “ISIS Intelligence Networks”. Under the IDS program he has worked with the departments of […]

John “Jay Kay” Kmiecik for GSAC 2017

John Kmiecik Pursuing a doctoral degree in Political Science Candidate Statement: Hello, my name is John Kmiecik some you may know as JK. I believe that GSAC should reflect a community environment based upon the common factor that we reflect a common interest that we embrace higher education. Considering this ideal, my platform is simple […]

Lauren Lopez for GSAC 2017

Lauren Lopez Pursuing a master’s degree in Fine Arts Candidate Statement: Lauren Lopez is a first year MFA candidate in Photography through the Texas Tech School of Art. She works as a research assistant in the School of Art, is the assistant coordinator of the SRO Photo Gallery, and runs her own small business as […]

Melissa Ann Martinez for GSAC 2017

Melissa Ann Martinez Pursuing a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction Candidate Statement: Melissa Martinez is a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education for the last two years. A distance learner from San Antonio, TX, Melissa currently works as a middle school Assistant Principal in public school education. She aspires […]

Siddhartha “Sid” Gupta for GSAC 2017

Siddhartha Gupta Pursuing a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering Candidate Statement: Siddhartha “Sid” Gupta is a doctoral student in the department of chemical engineering and has been a student at Texas Tech for past 3 years. Sid, apart from researching machine learning and microfluidics driven solutions, is an active participant of the Texas Tech community […]

Nelson Fabian Penuela for GSAC 2017

Nelson Fabian Penuela Pursuing a master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning Candidate Statement: My name is Nelson Penuela and I’m a Master’s student majoring in Personal Financial Planning at the Human Sciences Department. This is my second semester. As a prospective GSAC representative, my goal is to make sure that the graduate students’ ideas and […]

Michael Albert Guaman for GSAC 2017

Michael Albert Guaman Pursuing master’s degrees in Personal Financial Planning and Business Administration Candidate Statement: Hi, my name is Michael Guaman! I am a dual Master’s candidate for a degree in Personal Financial Planning in the college of Human Sciences. I am also a candidate for a Master’s degree in Business Administration in the Rawl’s […]