Bigyan Rimal for GSAC 2017

Bigyan Rimal

Pursuing a doctoral degree in Biological Sciences

Candidate Statement:

Bigyan “Big” Rimal is a PhD student in Biological Sciences and is graduate student at Texas Tech for two years. He also works as the graduate teaching assistant in Department of Biology. He is an international graduate student, which he believes is an advantage in understanding the opportunities and challenges of a graduate life. It is not an easy job to balance your studies, research and work and there is no escape from this when you are a graduate student. Bigyan believes, he as a part of GSAC, can help other graduate students to make their life more comfortable by developing an information sharing platform. His goals for 2017-18 are

1. Create a web portal where graduate students can find all possible information on scholarships, financial aids, grant funding opportunities, similar research groups in own or different department, detailed course information on common topics for all graduate student like statistics, ethics, management and law and many more.

2. International graduate students cover larger part of graduate student population in Texas tech university. Health insurance is mandatory for all the international students and large portion of assistantship benefits goes for paying the health insurance. But there is very little support towards covering the health insurance for international students from graduate school or respective departments. Bigyan promises to lobby on this issue to provide a little bit of financial relief to the international graduate students, which would indirectly contribute towards better research at Texas Tech University, as financial ease is proven to reduce the mental stress of the researchers.

3. His third goal is to start a ‘Research Roundtable’, for boarder inter-disciplinary collaborations, in Texas tech university. He believes in the roundtable, researchers from different backgrounds can come together and share information about personal and professional achievements, problems, challenges, collaborations.

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