Chinagorom Akwaugo Duru for GSAC 2017

Chinagorom Akwaugo Duru

Pursuing a doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Studies

Candidate Statement:

Chinagorom “China” Duru is a PhD student in Human Development and Family Studies. An international student from Nigeria. I have been a graduate student at Texas Tech for four years, and work as a teaching assistant in the department of Human Development and Family Studies. For the past few years, Texas Tech has grown to become my home. Electing me as a student representative guarantees that your concerns will not only be heard but they will be appropriately addressed. My goals include:

1. To work effectively toward facilitating more transparent communication between students, faculty and staff at Texas Tech.

2. To ensure equal opportunities for all students and diverse activities for the student body.

3. To ensure that new graduate students get the help they need to become familiar with the university environs.

I am determined to stay true to the goal and mission of Texas Tech GSAC, and will ensure that we are a true voice for the student body. I am ready to work hard to get my work completed.

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