2017 GSAC Elections

On March 27th, 2017, graduate students will elect their new representatives to the Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC). We would like to warmly encourage each and every one of you to submit your name for the council ballot.

The Council works to assure that interests of graduate students are represented to university administration and continuously work to make your graduate education even better:

ADVOCACY. We advise the Vice-Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and the Dean of the Graduate School on issues faced by graduate students.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. We develop next generation of leaders. You don't develop leadership skills by reading books, you develop it by leading, teamwork, and hard work (admittedly with a generous sprinkle of FUN while doing it!)

PROGRAMMING. We tirelessly work to bring you the best and the most exciting programming ranging from social events to professional and academic development workshops.

WELL-BEING & SUPPORT. We are here to make sure you always have someone to turn to for help. We will always listen and always try to connect you with the "right people" (aka those who can help you). We work to support your wellbeing through events and services we provide or support.

How do I become a GSAC Representative?

Running for a seat on the council is a simple process. You need to tell us that you plan to run, and then you need to tell us what is your plan. There are no filing fees or paperwork, just two simple and short online forms:



Please use these instructions to write 100-200 words about yourself and your purpose for running for 2017 GSAC Representative. What do you want to achieve in GSAC? How will you benefit graduate students?

Who can run in the 2017 GSAC Elections?

All graduate students who are enrolled in the Spring 2017 semester may submit their names for the Graduate Student Advisory Council ballot.

How long will the ballot remain open?

The ballot closes on March 3rd, 2017 just before midnight (11:59pm) Central Time. All of us procrastinate at some point. Working on your ballot application is not the time to do so. Don't put it off, submit your intent now and start working on your ballot entry. If you submit intent but not the ballot we will occasionally email you to give you a gentle nudge :-)

Can I run for President of the GSAC?

Hold your horses! Yes you can, but not just yet 😉 Once elected, GSAC Representatives select their executive officers in a council vote. In other words, graduate student representatives are electing their leadership.

What is the GSAC?

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) is a council of graduate students elected by their peers to be a voice in support of the graduate student body and to advise the Dean of the Graduate School on issues of importance to the graduate student population. The Executive Board of GSAC provides a forum for grievances and serves as an external representative body of the Texas Tech University Graduate School. Each Executive Board member is a graduate student elected for a one-year term, but who may be re-elected for multiple and/or consecutive terms.

What are the GSAC's responsibilities?

GSAC Representatives strive to enhance the condition of graduate student life through the work of the council itself, its commissions dedicated to specific issues of concern, and through the representation of graduate students to the university administration.

Time Commitment

If you choose to run and get elected you will work with your peers who most likely face similar time constraints to yours. Graduate students are inherently busy and we do take this into consideration!

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