Kelsey M. Lueck for GSAC 2017

Kelsey M. Lueck

Pursuing a master’s degree in Higher Education

Candidate Statement:

Kelsey Lueck is a Masters student in Higher Education in the Education Department and has been a graduate student at Texas Tech for a year. Kelsey is currently a Graduate Hall Coordinator for University Housing working with over 1,000 first year students promoting pride and unity on campus. Kelsey did her undergraduate at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas where she found her niche in student affairs working to build strong relationships between students and professionals. She focused on unique programming and development of knowledge outside of the classroom through Housing and Gorillas In Your Midst (student organization). Goals this year would include but are not limited to (1) promote and diversify student advocacy and welfare by creating a system of communication and promoting individual voice of among all departments. (2) Promote community in having passive supportive programs that highlight accomplishments personally and professionally for those unable to attend social events. Kelsey hopes to listen, learn, and take in all aspects of GSAC to advocate for the association with her department, peers, and graduates across campus. Kelsey aspires to connect and collaborate beyond the classroom setting for a successful and warm-fuzzy filled time at Texas Tech.

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