Naveen Tiruvengadam for GSAC 2017

Naveen Tiruvengadam

Pursuing a doctoral degree in Systems and Engineering Management

Candidate Statement:

Naveen Tiruvengadam first considers himself a polymath, but because he does not want to be Jack (of the “of all trades, Master of none” maxim), he currently is a PhD student in Systems and Engineering Management in the Industrial Engineering Department and this is his third year at Tech. He works as a Teaching Assistant in the same department and has been a GPTI in the recent past. Having worked in the industry, with his last position at a senior manager level, offers him unique insights into how social systems can be managed better and that requires finding the middle ground between the wishes of the people and the limited resources available. His objectives are to (1) enable greater availability of career resources targeted specifically at the unique demands of each graduate student population stratum (the needs of Master level students are different to those of PhD students for example) and (2) provide a bigger platform for the graduate students to put forward their grievances.

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