Olabode Thomas Ajibola for GSAC 2017

Olabode Thomas Ajibola

Pursuing a doctoral degree in Petroleum Engineering

Candidate Statement:

I am currently in my second year of the petroleum engineering PhD program. I am working on the effects of a linear and impermeable fault on the pressure build up test using analytical solution and numerical simulation. My research interest focuses on well testing for production enhancement. I am active in professional organizations and community services. I am excited to be considered for the 2017 GSAC Representative position so that I can give back to the Texas Tech University graduate students.

“The goal of the GSAC is to serve graduate student body in a pragmatic way.” As a GSAC Representative I would work to further this goal and develop a stronger student support through action and collaboration to produce expected outcomes. A primary way I would further this objective is to foster student interests and advance ways which would improve the life of other graduate students. Furthermore, I would coordinate with other campus entities in an effort to increase the training opportunities available to graduate students and make the opportunities that currently exist more widely known and actualized. I would provide a voice from the GSAC Representative perspective and keep the student population informed.

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