Our Process

GSAC works through monthly meetings of the entire council and through the work of GSAC’s commissions that focus on specific issues of importance to graduate students.

GSAC Meeting and Open Forum

The current council meets each month for a 2-hour plenary session. Twenty minutes of each general council meeting is devoted to an Open Forum, an opportunity to hear from graduate students across campus.

Commission Meetings

Generally, commissions are expected to meet each month, but how they structure their work is up to them. Some commissions work through email, some meet in person, some use online video chat, but most use some combination of these. The only thing that matters are the outcomes that they produce. Each commission determines their annual goals during the summer and are expected to report on their progress toward those goals at each general council meeting during fall and spring.

Modus Operandum

The goal of the GSAC is to serve graduate student body in a pragmatic way. We will minimize legislation & bureaucracy and maximize representation of graduate student interests & on-the-ground work to improve the life of other graduate students (e.g. our social/networking events, workshops, etc.). Everything we do is aimed at fostering graduate student well-being and intellectual development.

Time Commitment

If you choose to get involved you will work with your peers who most likely face similar time constraints to yours. Graduate students are inherently busy and we do take this into consideration!