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The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) is an organization of graduate students dedicated to enhancing graduate student life at Texas Tech University. We meet once a month in the Graduate Center. These monthly meetings include an Open Forum during which any graduate student is welcome to speak on issues of concern to graduate students at Texas Tech. For the day and time of the next GSAC meeting, please see our Calendar of Events.

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Our commission members focus on specific graduate student interests at Texas Tech and perform the majority of our work in the university and local communities to better graduate student life.

The Academic & Professional Development Commission focuses on the career, professional, research, and academic development of the graduate student body and develops programs and organizes functions to achieve these goals.

The Community Outreach Commission serves as a liaison between the GSAC and the community and creates positive connections with alumni, scholarship donors, and external entities willing to assist and promote the graduate student body and the GSAC.

The Distance Education Commission serves as a liaison between distance education graduate students, graduate student organizations, campus staff, and administration, facilitates online access to on-campus workshops and events of interest to graduate students, and advocates for the interests of graduate students in distance education programs.

The Finance Commission addresses all issues related to the GSAC budget, prepares an annual budget proposal for submission to and approval by the GSAC members, and is responsible for any fund raising activities of the GSAC.

The Judicial-Legislative Commission enforces and reviews the constitution of the GSAC and to make recommendations to the GSAC for improvements when necessary, and reviews proposed amendments to the constitution to ensure they follow the mission and goals of the GSAC.

The Public Relations Commission addresses issues concerning communications, publications, and media dealing with the GSAC and serves as a liaison between the GSAC and local media outlets.

The Student Advocacy and Welfare Commission establishes ways in which to improve graduate student life, provides a forum for the communication of grievances, issues, and concerns, and acts as a direct link between the GSAC, graduate organizations, departments, and other groups. In addition, this commission highlights, promotes, and reinforces the international and cultural diversity of the graduate student body.

The Social Commission promotes the social environment of the graduate student body and organizes functions, events, socials, and other gatherings involving students, administration, and community members.


The GSAC constitution, bylaws, meeting agendas, and approved meeting minutes are available to the public. If you cannot access a document on this page, please contact

photograph of the April 2014 Graduate Student Advisory Council meeting

Executive Council

Our Executive Board conducts long-term planning for the Graduate Student Advisory Council and delegates charges to the Commissions that work to realize those plans.


‚ÄčActive Members


  • Jacek Jonca-Jasinski, Ph.D., Advisor and the Director with Texas Tech University's Division of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affaiars, jacek.jonca[at]

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