What are council’s goals?

Graduate Student Advisory Council currently focuses on serving the following three functions:

Advocacy and Representation

One of the main roles of the GSAC will be to provide representation of graduate student interests to university administration. Graduate student representatives will work with the Dean of the Graduate School on resolving issues affecting graduate students. GSAC representatives on university-wide committees will be able to alert other campus entities to areas of concern to graduate students. We gather data concerning issues important to graduate students, produce surveys and compile results into formal reports that are distributed to university higher administration.

Improving Quality of Graduate Student Life

As in case of most democratic institutions, the major responsibility of the representatives is to serve their constituency. Consequently, major area of focus for graduate student body representatives is broadly defined improvement of graduate student well-being. This should include work on specific issues graduate student are facing such as daycare but also more general work such as mutual support for graduate students (or as we call it “caring for each other”). Direct work on issues of concern complements the advocacy efforts discussed above. Efforts will be coordinated with various campus entities including the Wellness Center.


Growth in numbers of graduate students needs to be paralleled with growth in programming of events for graduate students. Social networking events, family-friendly events, as well as professional and intellectual events will be developed by GSAC through its Social / Event Programming Commission. Efforts will be coordinated with such campus entities as the Graduate School, Tech Activities Board, Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center, as well as the Urban Design Center.

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